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Plein Air

Autumn Awakening


11" x 14"   

Painted on panel "en plein air"

Sold | Framed | Signed Bottom Right

  The sun blushed upon the marine clouds and its rays lit the grass fields. As I painted in the shade of the old concrete silo, I breathed in the breezy, fresh air. A couple of does and a buck grazed in the field nearby. The recent rainstorm greened up the fields from a long, dry summer and the maples are beginning to show their beautiful Autumn colors.

Spring field


12" x 16" 

Painted on panel "en plein air"

March 31, 2022 | Available

  While walking down a gravel road, I happened to glance over my shoulder and caught the moment the sun shined through the rain clouds and magically lit the spring field. I quickly grabbed my oil paints and sat down to capture the light before it disappeared. 


May Harvest

12" x 16" 

Painted on panel "en plein air"

May 23, 2022 | Available


   A beautiful day in May had finally appeared, and harvest has begun on the ranch. As I was setting up my oil paints, I enjoyed all the long-awaited sunlight. The sky was a vibrant blue and soft cumulus clouds arranged themselves above. The freshly mowed field on which I was painting on, caught the most beautiful sunlight; and the orchard- rye grass in the ajoining fields swayed with the calming breeze.

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