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Studio Artwork


      hen I experience new things in life or just have a brilliant painting idea, I quickly sketch that moment in the little, rugged notebook that I carry. Through countless efforts to create the perfect still life or search through hundreds of sketches, these oil paintings are finally brought to life through vibrant oil paint and beautiful brushstrokes. 


Recent Artwork


24" x 36"   

Available | Framed | Signed Bottom Right

   This oil painting captures the beauty of a forest with its autumn blush. The pathway leads your eyes toward the sunlight as you breathe in the crisp, autumn air. This oil painting hangs with a handcrafted floating frame and is sure to capture everyone's glance. Its dimensions are perfect for an eye-catching centerpiece on your wall for you to enjoy.

  Let me know if you are interested in decorating your space with this painting or have questions about any other painting.



Still Life Oil Paintings

Still Life Paintings are objects set up by the artist and/or photographs used to create a painting.

"Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen

  -Leonardo da Vinci
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